Frequently Asked Questions

DIAMCO Platform

DIAMCO is a blockchain platform providing infrastructure for tokenizing diamonds "today", and "tomorrow" - an ecosystem for the jewelry industry as a whole.
We create liquidity through standardization and commoditization, introducing stablecoin, backed by DIAMCO Diamond Standard.

We tokenize diamonds by creating a fungible token and introducing DIAMCO Diamond Standard ( 1 ct, colorless (D,E,F), XXX, IF/VVS1/VVS2, Fluorescence - none, GIA certified, sealed ).

2 tokens are issued: DIAM COIN & AL'COIN

1. DIAM COIN - internal token of DIAMCO Platform

DIAM COIN functions:

  • Bonus program and internal payment tool to be used within DIAMCO Platform.
  • Cashback 10% and more in DIAM
  • Pay up to 20% in DIAM and for platform services on marketplace
  • Customer protection and the platform stability through reserve fund in DIAMs

2. AL'COIN - a token baked by real DIAMCO Standard diamond ( 1 ct, colorless (D,E,F), Cut / Polish / Symmetry - XXX, Clarity - IF/VVS1/VVS2, Fluorescence - none, GIA certified, sealed).

Available for purchase at via monthly auction.

AL'COINs are emitted only after diamonds are audited, sealed in plastic and put into independent storage.

  • To guarantee and accurate accounting of 1 token = average price of 1 DIAMCO Diamond Standard
  • Increase of trust between the parties through multi-signature auctions and smart-contracts
  • To carry out the emission of tokens, which serve simultaneously as a means of accounting for the possession of diamonds and a means of calculation that operates on the blockchain
  • To develop a decentralized platform independent from creators
  • The return of the function of "private money" to a demonetized economy, where more and more cash flow is limited
  • The use of cryptocurrency allows to build a decentralized infrastructure and economic system
  • The ability to build an internal settlement system without third-party payment services
  • Crypto-currencies allow to establish a global interaction of participants from all over the world without reference to a certain geographic region
  • The ability to use smart contracts with the protection of platform clients without the involvement of the human factor
  • Providing auctions for diamond backed token with protection of obligations and risks of buyers and sellers on the platform at the expense of the Reserve Fund DIAM in case of unforeseen circumstances
  • Effective logistics and storage of diamonds
  • Creation of a secondary market for the circulation of precious stones without the need for physical possession through the tokenization of diamonds
  • The possibility of exchanging a token for a true diamond DIAMCO standard at any point in time at points of issue and duty free zones
  • Ensuring effective taxation when buying a diamond
  • The system of bonuses and discounts due to the domestic currency DIAM
  • DIAMCO collects revenue in DIAM as commissions from transactions on the Platform
    • DIAMCO Platform commission is 5 %
    • To sustain DIAM economic model ⅓ of total commission is accumulated in a separate pool that can be burnt in accordance with the platform growth
  • MaximilliaN London - jewelry brand with a 20-year history
  • Nektorov, Saveliev & Partners - legal support
  • - marketing strategy and promotion
  • Innosoft - technical support
  • DIAMCO is incorporated in Liechtenstein
  • It discloses shareholders, and we do not want to hide
  • The trust will be located in Liechtenstein

DIAM Token Generation Event (TGE)

  • Building a community around the platform
  • Financing the development and construction of a network of pick-up locations of diamonds
  • Conducting a marketing campaign for the DIAMCO platform
  • Coverage of organizational, legal and other operating costs for project implementation
    • Venture capital does not allow to implement a marketing campaign in full, comparable in effect to carrying a token generation event.
  • Seed Private investors - $ 1 mln
  • Soft cap - 15 mln USD
  • Hard cap - 50 mln USD
  • Base DIAM price during the TGE is 0.01 USD
DIAM initial creation and TGE stages details
DIAM Pools DIAM Amount % Details
Advisory board

400 000 000

4% Lockup 12 months

200 000 000

Seed angel (Stage 1)

300 000 000

3% Will be given for 1 mln. $ with buy back, i.e. these are the money for all activities during token sale period
Reserve fund

1 000 000 000

10% Lockup until we have 5 mln. USD in money reserve
Private sale (Stage 2)

4 100 000 000

41% Super-early stage investors
Pre-sale (Stage 3)

4 000 000 000

40% Early stage investors with > XXX k USD Value
Total DIAM emission

10 000 000 000

1 billion DIAM to protect the obligations and risks of buyers and sellers on the platform at the expense of the Reserve Fund DIAM in the event of unforeseen circumstances. The risk of default of any counterparties of production and delivery of diamonds until their delivery to independent storage

Minimum 100 000 USD, maximum - not set. Mandatory lockup for 18 months for amounts exceeding 5 mln USD


Please sign up to access DIAMCO discount program

Use of funds:

Section Amount (USD) %
Hardware (30%)

15 000 000


Advertising, marketing & referral (20%)

10 000 000


IT & Infrastructure (15%)

7 500 000


Reserve (10%)

5 000 000


Staff (8%)

4 000 000


Government Relations (6%)

3 000 000


Legal & corporate (5%)

2 500 000


Admin (3%)

1 500 000


Listing (3%)

1 500 000



50 000 000



DIAM COIN functions: Bonus program and internal payment tool to be used within DIAMCO Platform.

  • Cashback 10% and more in DIAM
  • Pay up to 20% in DIAM and for internal platform services on marketplace
  • Reserve functions for platform and customers stability

    DIAMCO revenue of DIAM is based on commissions for transactions:

    • 5% is DIAMCO Platform commission
    • ⅓ % of total commission is getting burnt to sustain the economic model

  • Customer's protection
  • Ensuring the viability of smart contracts
  • Ensuring the functioning of the platform
  • More options for creating sustainable economic model based on internal token


Token backed by DIAMCO Diamond Standard

Standardized diamonds with the following characteristics:

Weight - 1,00-1,05 carats

Color - colorless (D,E,F),

Clarity - IF / VVS1 / VVS2

Cut/Polish/Symmetry - Excellent

Fluorescence - none,

Shape - round

GIA certified

Standard financial law: the liquidity of the market depends on its depth, and the depth of the market is ensured by standardization, for which we create commodity based on diamonds

  • By creating a standard and filling it with depth - we will make it the most liquid asset in the industry.
  • It is the most demanded diamond both from the jewelery industry and as part of the investment portfolio together with other types of alternative investments
  • Financial investors will rely on the depth of the market
  • "Buy $ 10 million worth of diamonds" - today is an incomprehensible thing, that's why we create an analogue of "Brent Oil", which is a mixture of several varieties and is highly liquid commodities on a par with the precious metals market
  • According to the study, the depth of the selected types of diamonds is approximately 12-17,000 carats per year
  • Come in person to the safe custody (DMCC - the key partner)
  • At DIAMCO Diamond ATMs
  • At pick-up points in Duty Free locations
  • Yes, as well as with gold and oil, this is a normal situation, this is the essence of commodity
  • Stable coin costs slightly more


  • Independent storage managed by the largest player who provides diamond storage services - DMCC
  • We conduct an audit once a month, whereas for other projects with physical assets, audit is conducted much less often - once in 3 months.
  • Diamonds used for DIAMCO Diamond Standard are only cut
  • Diamonds used for the DIAMCO Standard are only natural
  • Co-existence of markets for natural and synthetic colored gems such as rubies and emeralds for more than a century suggests that markets for natural and lab-grown diamonds can develop in parallel without cannibalizing each other
  • We buy them from dealers, sealed in plastic, already certified with the certificate included
  • We do not cut diamonds
  • Yes, it can be said like this. But this is exactly what our product is for. We return fair value and market conditions for the circulation of diamonds

RapNet as a benchmark

It is a well-known benchmark

Criminal penalty for failure to fulfill the trust declaration

The administrator of his own free will can not do anything, except that the money should be transferred to a wrong recipient. We choose a very reliable company who provides a trust service.

We work in the duty free zones and issues with taxes are resolved by all purchasers at their own expense in case they decided to exchange the token for a diamond and transport it to another location