Diamonds tokenized

Weight 1-1.05 carat
Colorless D, E, F
Clarity IF/VVS1/VVS2
Cut/Polish/Symmetry Excellent
Fluorescence None

2 coins issued:

Diam Coin

DIAMCO Platform token

Fuel for DIAMCO ecosystem:

  • Cashbacks in DIAM 10% and more
  • Pay partially in DIAMs and get additional discounts up to 20%
  • Pay for platform services in DIAMs
  • Customer protection through reserve fund in DIAMs


A coin backed by DIAMCO Standard

1-1.05 ct, colorless (D,E,F),
Cut / Polish / Symmetry - Excellent, Clarity - IF/VVS1/VVS2, Fluorescence - none, GIA certified, sealed

  • The first DIAMCO product
  • Available for purchase at via monthly auctions
  • AL'COIN is issued only when a real diamond is certified, sealed and put into independent storage
Stages of
  • DIAM Token Generation Event seed, private sale, presale
  • AL'COIN emission monthly auctions on the platform
  • Accepting partners to the platform dealers, jewelry brands
More than
In diamond industry


  • DIAMCO returns to diamonds their consumer appeal
  • DIAMCO Standard creates a benchmark for the diamond market
  • DIAMCO Auction makes purchasing diamonds efficient, easy and secure
  • DIAM COIN manages the ecosystem, gives additional bonuses and discounts
  • AL'COIN is a true stable coin baсked by diamonds

DIAM COIN Generation Event Launch - To Be Announced